Hi I'm Auccultist, an idiot from the UK that enjoys art! Here is my information on the sites I'm on, as well as my commission information.

Social Media

Here are all of the places I can be found online. I am most active on DeviantArt and Toyhouse!

Here are some places I livestream/upload videos.

Commission Information

Status: Closed

Commission Form

Commission Type:
Character Reference:
Background: [if included]
Do you agree to my TOS?
Paypal address:

Custom Form

Commission Type:
Preferred features:
Things to avoid:
Do you agree to my TOS?
Paypal address:

I can draw canines, large felines, vayrons, and dragons. Ask about custom species!
I will not draw porn, though can draw artistic nudity and love gore.
Additional characters cost +60%.

You can contact me through any social media or discord for a commission: Auccultist#6666.
By commissioning me you agree to my TOS.


Drawing of your character from the neck up, optional abstract or simple gradient background.
Flat: $25
Shaded: $40


Small drawing of your character's neck and shoulders with a simple background.
Portrait: $50


Drawing showing your character's entire body. Transparent background, simple gradient, or simple abstract background.
Flat: $60
Shaded: $80


Highly detailed drawings with a detailed background. Message me what you have in mind for a quote! Please note these prices are starting points and may increase with complexity.

Halfbody: $90
Fullbody: $150


Icon: $5
A small 200x200 drawing of your character- shaded with a simple background. Can include character name and border!

Pixel: $15
Shaded Pixel: $20
+ Bouncy (+$10)
A tiny drawing of your character in my pixel art style.

Chibi: $15
Shaded Chibi: $20
A small fullbody of your character in my simplified artstyle.

Reference: $75
Includes fullbody, paw and mouth reference, palette.
+ Additional fullbody (+$60)
+ Flat Headshot (+$25)
+ Small outfit (+$15)
+ Back shot (+$20)
+ Small pelt (+$15)


Lined Custom: $100
A fully designed character to suit your specifications. Designed as a single flat fullbody.

Sketch Custom: $60
Just like the custom, only messy.

Base Custom: $20
A simplified character design made on one of my bases.

Weapon Design: $10
A design for a weapon for your character. I can do any melee weapons. (sword, spear, axe, etc.)


A package is a set of commissions you can get for a small discount from the regular prices. All of the things listed below can be found above separately if you wish to look at examples.

Sketchpage Package
Fullbody Sketch x2
Headshot Sketch x2
note: I don't offer sketches as commissions alone

The Big Custom Package
Lined Custom
Weapon Design
Shaded Headshot OR Portrait
Shaded Bouncy Pixel
Toyhouse Icon
$150 (Usually $183)

The Icon Package
I will make an icon for every character in a specified toyhouse folder at a 30% discount.
1 row (6 total) $21 (Usually $30)
2 rows (12 total) $42 (Usually $60)
3 rows (18 total) $63 (Usually $90)
* minimum of 6 icons

Terms of Service

This applies to YCHes, commissions, trades, customs, etc. Basically, if you get it from me, this applies!!
Failure to know these doesn't mean they don't still apply.
● You have to agree to my TOS in order to commission me.


● The only references I will take are digital reference sheets. I will not take traditional references, screenshots, or descriptions. The only exception to this is if I am being commissioned to make a reference sheet.
● I may simplify complex markings for smaller commission types such as icons, pixels and chibis.
● Make it clear what you want from a commission. Image references are incredibly useful when it comes to backgrounds and poses.
● You are paying for stylised art. This means that I will be drawing the character in my style and how I interpret them.


● Please send payment only in USD or the GBP equivalent.
● I will only start the commission after receiving payment.
I cannot offer refunds.
● Filing for a chargeback will get you permanently blacklisted. Filing for a chargeback means you forfeit the rights to the piece, and I may remake and sell to whomever I like. I will sell forfeited pieces as YCHs.
● I can take payment plans for anything over $75. Note me and we can discuss this.


● If you want progress shots you need to ask. I keep my trello updated with progress and occasionally screenshots. You can find the link to my trello/to-do list at the top of my commission info page.
● You only have the rights to the finished artwork. Any unfinished work does not belong to you.
● Requesting any major changes may cost extra, be sure to specify what you'd like before the commission is started.
● Commissions will take as long as they will take. Again, you can keep track on Trello. The standard wait time is three weeks. I will not take commissions with a short deadline.


You can upload to toyhouse! If uploaded to toyhouse, please credit me on site as Auccultist.
● I will be allowed to post/display the completed artwork anywhere I would like.
● You are allowed to repost the drawing only if you are the one that owns the character the drawing is of. Full credit for the art must be given to me.
● Do not remove my watermark/signature in any way, shape, or form.
● You are not allowed to use the completed artwork for commercial reasons unless discussed otherwise.

Adopt/character sale specific

You can upload to toyhouse! If uploaded to toyhouse, please credit me on site as Auccultist.
● I don't give refunds after characters have been transferred.
● The character isn't yours until fully paid off.
● If chargebacked, the character/design once again falls into my ownership.
● After purchase, you can do whatever you'd like with the character/design!

Commissioning me in any way means that you have read and agree to these terms of service. Breaking these terms can get you blacklisted.

Rewards System

Due to moving out and living on my own, commissions and adopt sales has become my main source of income- and I cannot thank the people that commission me regularly enough! <3
This rewards system is intended as a 'thank you' to those who regularly commission me. It works as a points based system which can be tracked on my Trello. I will keep everything updated for you!

Note: Points are accumulative! If you buy a commission for a friend, you get the 'commissioned something' points as well as 'bought for a friend' points!!

Commissioned something + 8 points (per dollar)
Bought an adoptable+ 5 points (per dollar)
Bought a character I have for sale+ 3 points (per dollar)
Preclaimed (bought before uploaded)+ 20 points
Left a tip+ 2 points (per dollar)
Bought access to my premium gallery+ 10 points


These are benefits added to you! Points aren't spent, they accumulate and gradually you unlock better perks ^^
Some rewards can only be collected by being in my discord server! (Non-chatting server, used only for updates) coming VERY soon!

5% off commissions500 points
Ability to request tutorials800 points
Option to preclaim adopts1,000 points
10% off commissions1,500 points
Early access to commission slots2,000 points
Ability to hold adoptables for up to 2 weeks3,000 points
15% off commissions3,500 points
Free speedpaints for your commissions4,500 points
Entry into a monthly pixel or chibi raffle5,000 points
20% off commissions6,000 points
Commission me any time (no waiting until open)10,000 points
Skip to first of the queue for commissions15,000 points

Please note that the commission discounts do not stack! If you get 5% off and then 10% off, that's not 15% overall! Your discount depends on the highest number you have unlocked and they don't add up ;;

HTML Commissions

I'm incredibly new to being able to offer HTML commissions, so this is a learning process for me! Please stay patient, I promise I'll do my best ^^'

$1 per 15 lines of code

Please note that a paragraph of text does not count as multiple lines- line only count code! I will give you an estimate and then charge after the HTML has been completed, so prices fluctuate!

Base Code

I can work from any base code! Pick a free to use HTML as a base and then tell me what you'd like added to it from assets below. Make sure that the free to use HTML's creator also allows edits.

This base code will only be used for layout and can be tweaked, all things inside the boxes and such will be cleared so that it can be customised. I can change the colour of boxes too; as well as images. Just tell me which assets you want from the list below and I can add them in!

Basic Assets

Text elements

Pictured is large titles small titles, paragraphs, bullet points and columns.
These are all easy to add. Note that any body of text can also be slotted into a column, not just bullet points. I can do a maximum of 3 columns all next to each other easily!
Links can also be added in these bodies of text.

Image elements

I can add image boxes in just about anywhere, any size and populated with a placeholder image.

Button elements

Essentially large links that stand out! Easy to add in, at any size, and however many you want next to each other.

Long Columns

Long columns/aesthetic columns are long and nicely spaced columns, easy to add how many of these you might like ontop of each other. Can be broken up by horizontal bars.

Percentage bars

Bars that can show percentages, can be made any colour and any length. Can have text on either side or none, totally up to you!

Floating Elements

Assets that stay in the same place even when you scroll. 'Back to top' button is always useful in the bottom right, and an image in the bottom right is a great place for a pagedoll! (Image can be clicked on to be a link)

Complex assets

Additional Tabs

I can add in extra tabs for anything that has tabs, a new blank space. Can also remove tabs.

Scrolling Box

Can make any body of text/tab stay the same size and gain a scrollbar when text is too long to fit within that area.


AKA a carousel box, any image can be made into a slideshow that automatically scrolls through images, number of images is unlimited! Small arrows on the side can force the box to go from one image to another.


A box at the top of the page that can be clicked to take the viewer to any point in the page.

Relationship premade

A pre-made mix of elements to make an easy way to display a characters' relationship. Can be customised easily and changed to suit your liking.